Moviestuff "Mark-I" Universal

We are working hard on the development of upgrade kits for the MK-II but not for the MK-I. Unlike the Mark-II, the MK-I is a very good device. It only has two weak points that are relatively easy to remedy:

The poor lens unfortunately means that some image quality is lost. So first replace the lens with a higher quality one with the same focal length but higher resolution, such as this one.

Furthermore, you should use a light source with a stronger luminosity and a higher CRI value of at least 90, optimally 95. As the MK-I only works with continuous light, this is not a problem. The hardware only costs a few dollars. It is best to find a specialist store for LED lighting and have the conversion carried out there. If there is no LED light with a suitable voltage, you can easily operate the new LED light with your own power supply unit.

If you don't want to replace the light source, it would also help a lot if you not only replace the lens but also select a lens with a shorter focal length. For example this one.

This will allow you to get the camera closer to the film and get more light onto the sensor. This means that you will have less sensor noise, which occurs when the camera increases the sensitivity of the sensor to compensate for the missing light.