"Moviestuff" in bankruptcy

Dear colleagues,
Since it has become known that "Moviestuff" has ceased production and hundreds (!) of orders have been paid for but never delivered, I have been receiving emails from all over the world on a daily basis. Please forgive me for not being able to answer them all individually - there are simply too many. My team is currently working intensively on high-quality equipment for the development, post-processing and digitization of 8/16 mm cine films. Please understand that I am not allowed to give any further details at this time. If you would like to be informed about our activities, please subscribe for our newsletter.

Information and upgrades for your Moviestuff "Mark II" Scanner

Moviestuff Mark II 2K built 2021

Moviestuff Mark II "2K" - built 2021

You have a film scanner of the brand "Moviestuff" type "Mark II"? You are not satisfied with the poor quality of the digitized films? Then you've come to the right place! We also bought this device about two years ago and were horrified by the amateurish implementation and the resulting poor picture quality.

But we have good news for you: this device can easily be significantly improved for relatively little money. So save yourself the money for the "upgrade" offered by Muviestuff. Even if you order it, you probably won't get it. We have been waiting 14 months for the upgrade after ordering and paying for it - and we still haven't received it (18. dezember 2023).

Find out HERE how your "Mark II" works and how you can significantly improve it.

Mag. Ulrich Schnarr
Certified and sworn court expert for photography, photo labs and scanning technology in Austria

We will offer soon

  • free of charge upgrades
    Simple improvements that cost you nothing and are easy to carry out yourself

  • cheap and easy upgrades
    These conversions are easy to implement and can also be carried out by people without technical knowledge. They already bring a significant improvement in image quality.

  • professional upgrades
    If you want to get the maximum image quality out of your "Mark II", we also offer complex conversions. A good tool and basic technical knowledge are required for these conversions.